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Cold Storage

Ice cream
Fish Industry
Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Surface coating

Turnkey Plants
Powder Coating
Painting Systems
Heating Systems
Pretreatment Plants

KBC Systems offers turnkey project systems in this we centralized all the Suraface coating Operation as a steps .
In this plant we provide from pretreatments all seven tanks, powder coating , painting systems ,heating system . from pretreatments degreasing to heating systems Oven we provide in this Turnkey plant 

In recent years, we have become more involved in the design and installation of large finishing plant.. It is the project engineer, with his wide knowledge and experience of finishing methods and problems throughout the world, who makes the first assessment of the customer’s needs, translates them into suggestions, designs, costing, quotations and, ultimately, into hardware … and that’s where the erection teams take over, working days – often nights – and even weekends as well, to make sure that the installation is ready when the customer wants it.



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