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Cold Storage

Ice cream
Fish Industry
Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Surface coating

Turnkey Plants
Powder Coating
Painting Systems
Heating Systems
Pretreatment Plants

Cold storage product line :

   1. Ice Cream / Dairy Industry.
   2. Floriculture Industry.
   3. Agriculture Industry.
   4. Fish Industry
   5. Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry.
   6. Hotel Industry.
   7. Automobile Industries.
   8. Multi-commodity storages

Company concentrated mainly on these product lines & then because of recession in automobile sector it diverted its attention to food industry when they got dealership of 'Zanotti'. Main aim is to reduce food wastage with food preservation in economical ways. It's attachment with worldwide renowned company Zanotti, Italy gives it access to all India market. Zanotti has UNI-ES ISO 9001 certification which the most reliable operators nowadays impose on the market, is but a guarantee, an assessment of a method of work, analysis and control that has always been a heritage of producing. Zanotti is manufacturing approximately 20000 Ref. units a year, available in 500 models.

Design: Technical staff makes full use of the advantage of a design carried our using exclusive thermodynamic programs as well as CAD systems, thus resulting in new solution to a constant improvement in products.

Production and Testing: The lines where the refrigerating units are assembled using top quality materials, either manufactured directly by Zanotti or severely selected among the products of the best known worldwide supplies. Every component of each unit thoroughly tested after installation. 97% of all the units supplied by KBC SYSTEMS are still in good working condition & we ensure it by prompt after sales service & planned AMC Contracts.

   * Small & Medium Cold rooms.
   * Big Cold rooms.
   * Multi commodity Storages.
   * Hardening Rooms.
   * Blast Freezers.

   * Condenser temperature control & relevant alarms.
   * Specific electronic controller.
   * Max. exchange efficiency.
   * Only routine maintenance required.
   * Available in low noise version.
   * Easy installation.
   * Innovative design.

Surface coating product line :

   1. Manufacturing of Turnkey Plants.
   2. Powder Coating & Painting Systems.
   3. Heating Systems.
   4. Pretreatment Plants.

This product mainly required for Automobile Industries & their vendor, furniture & toys industries & many other miscellaneous application where certain type of protective coating is required. This is also required for a aesthetic appearance.

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