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Paint booths are generally provided for producing such work spaces in which the painting of the components can be reliable & safely carried out without any danger to the health of workers  and damage to the environment & with in minimum loss of paint.

KBC system provide 3 types of paint booth

1. Side draft water wall

Our array of side draft water wall type is manufactured from qualitative raw materials. In these types of booths the fresh air passes by the operator through the component and goes in the extraction chamber, thereby giving the spray painting booth its name of side draft spray painting booth. Our paint booth comprises of four parts. Firstly, there is a water tank at the bottom. Above the water tank, there is an extraction chamber. In the extraction chamber there is an exhaust fan placed on the top to direct the air flow toward sideways. Widely used for large components, our booths are robust in construction. Our range can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

2. Down draft painting systems

We use premium range raw materials to manufacture our range of down draft water wash type paint booths. The water then removes the dust and spray paint particles and vents the air back into the atmosphere. These types of booths contain a water tank at the bottom level where the sucked air is pushes  Normally used for bigger size product  eg. Assembly of Bus.
The Dry Back booth is recommended where the paint overspray volumes are low. e.g. Job coating, Paint testing.
This booth consists of a sheet metal enclosure divided into two sections by a divider wall which houses the paint arrestor filters. The front section forms the working chamber while the rear section houses the exhaust blowers which ensures the proper air velocity in the woking chamber as also the exhaust of the inflammable solvent vapours. The heavier paint particles are deposited on the filter. The deposited paint sludge is to be removed periodically.


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