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Fruit & Veg Storage Cold rooms 

Deterioration of fruits and vegetables during storage depends largely on temperature. One way to slow down this change and so increase the length of time fruits and vegetables can be stored, is by lowering the temperature to an appropriate level. It must be remembered that if the temperature is too low the produce will be damaged and also that as soon as the produce leaves the cold store, deterioration starts again and often at a faster rate. 

Most Fruit & Vegetables maintain their quality at around 5°C storage temperature and our Modular Cold rooms help do just that! With a variable and adjustable temperature ranges from -2 to +10 degrees and -5 to +5 ranges our units will ensure your demands are met.

KBC systems also offers blast freezing units for corn, green peas , and all type of vegetables to reduce temperature up to -40°C  for long product life. Also we are offers chiller with in 18°C to -5°C and freezer within temperature rage of -15°C to -25°C .

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