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KBC Systems is formed in year 1998. Basic idea is from Mr. Satish Chaphekar.
Company started working in field of Surface Coating Systems on expertise of Mr. Vijay Bane. Initial product line of surface coating systems is added with new line of cold storage & refrigeration system supply when KBC Systems has got a dealership of Italian Company. “Zanotti S.p.A.” in 1999. This has given a chance for company to extend its market in all India level.

Main aim is to reduce food wastage with food preservation in economical ways. It's attachment with worldwide renowned company Zanotti, Italy gives it access to all India market. Zanotti has UNI-ES ISO 9001 certification which the most reliable operators nowadays impose on the market, is but a guarantee, an assessment of a method of work, analysis and control that has always been a heritage of producing. Zanotti is manufacturing approximately 20000 Ref. units a year, available in 500 models.

KBC systems  is having team of engineers they are used all advanced knowledge for design & development of cold room by using thermo dynamical   programs as well as CAD systems.

Hence its used full for deliver efficient , reliable, & perfect cold room for your exact need.
KBC Systems cold storages solution enormously  used full for following Industries .

  1. Ice-cream & Dairy
  2. Floriculter
  3. Agriculturel
  4. Pharma
  5. Chemicals
  6. Hotel
  7. Automobile
  8. Fish Industries
  9. Multi-commodity 

Each of this cold room consist of precisely engineered component that are designed keeping in mind durability & reliability of components.
Cold Rooms use world-class PUF Insulated Panels and Refrigeration Units from Zannoti to offer you totally reliable cooling and preservation chambers specifically built for your needs.

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